Golf On The Green

Technology Focused


Titleist Performance Institute

TPI Level 1: Fitness

Level 1 certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), Paul will conduct a biomechanical assessment which will allow him to identify physical shortcomings which can prohibit players from making improvements in their golf swing.


Pressure Mapping

BodiTrak is a leading-edge sports technology company, focused on the interaction between my students and the ground

BodiTrak allows me to see where my students weight is distributed at address, the top of their backswing, impact and the finish to best allow students to deliver as much power as possible and increase the distance they hit the golf ball.


Radar Training

TrackMan is the leading radar technology in the industry and is able to track and measure 26 data points related to how the club arrives to the ball, impact and ball flight. It is undeniable that I can learn more about your swing in a quicker time frame, thereby allowing you to learn faster using TrackMan technology.

SAM Puttlab

Putting Analysis

Paul Ramee utilizes the SAM PuttLab at Golf on the Green which will identify the areas in your setup, putting stroke and roll of the ball that you can improve and that will help you play the best golf in 2016! Making more putts (and eliminating extras!) by using SAM Putt Lab can play a HUGE part in you shooting lower scores.

SAM PuttLab, the ultimate putting training system is an analysis and training system based on an accurate ultrasound sensory analysis – therefore is far more precise than any other system in the golf industry.

V1 Video Software

Swing Analysis

Each student will be given a “virtual locker” where all videos, lessons analysis and drills will be saved for our future reference.